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Home security Chesapeake Medical Center: 23.000 patient information reports

Chesapeake Medical Center: 23.000 patient information reports

A data breach which affected his medical center Chesapeake in Virginia, USA, resulted in the exposure of sensitive information to approximately 23.000 patients.


As revealed this week by the agency, which manages the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, Outer Banks Hospital and several health care facilities, the personal data of 23.058 patients, donors and employees may have leak as a result of a data breach committed against one of his associates.

Information leaked includes names, email addresses and demographics, such as donation dates and amounts.

The Chesapeake Regional Healthcare proceed to information of patients and generally those affected by the breach through e-mail.

"Because the criminal in cyberspace "He did not have access to credit card information, bank account details, social security numbers and other personal identities. Data breach poses a low risk of identity theft," the agency said in a statement.

Many healthcare organizations were affected

The incident was the result of a security breach that affected the donor software provider and its fundraiser Blackbaud.

"Blackbaud has assured Chesapeake Regional that it has made several changes to protect data from similar incidents in the future," said Chesapeake Regional Healthcare.

However, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is not the only one affected by attack against Blackbaud in May, in which intruders took control of the vendor's servers and encrypted certain data sets.

In September, separate incidents at two U.S. health organizations exposed the personal data of more than 190.000 patients.

Earlier in August, the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), a non-profit company based in Manchester, United Kingdom involved in landmine clearance in countries affected by war, informed donors that they may also have been affected by the data breach.

All affected organizations had used the services of Blackbaud.


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