HomesecurityWatch Dogs: Legion was hacked and the source code was released on the internet

Watch Dogs: Legion was hacked and the source code was released on the internet

Watch Dogs: Legion is a Ubisoft game set recently released in London that deals with hacking. Ironically, it seems that the source code of Watch Dogs: Legion has unfortunately leaked to the internet. Initially, only excerpts of the compromised data were released, but it appears that the entire Watch Dogs: Legion game and source code have been released online.

Watch Dogs: Legion

In October, ZDNet reported that both Ubisoft and Crytek had accepted a attack from a ransomware gang called Egregor. At that time, only a small one was published part of data public. The regomware Egregor team said the following on its website:

This developer is not only described as "Hole of the Month" but also receives the Clown of the Month award. We found source codes in free internet access. Documents, employee and programmer data, personal information and personal data were detected. Guys, if the goal of the last mission in your game was to break into your company, we did it. Will we get our prize? The game WATCH DOGS: LEGION "downloaded" completely from the servers of your company. There is a possibility that soon we will make a gift to everyone like the game. We will compile and upload the game giving access to everyone in public. Toys of this level must be freely distributed. No one should make money from it.

Now, just a week after launching of the game, the rumors circulating on the internet is that the whole set has been leaked data, including Watch Dogs: Legion. A leak like this could be incredibly damaging to both Ubisoft and Watch Dogs: Legion. This could leave the game exposed to hacking, cheating or modding, something that Ubisoft definitely does not want to face at this point. It could also lead to vacation of the game encryption if the hacker they are quite imaginative. In a statement to Rock Paper Shotgun, Ubisoft simply said: "We know him claim of the Egregor team and we are currently investigating a possible data breach. "

It is incredibly ironic that the "hacking game" has allegedly been breached and stolen from Ubisoft. Earlier, the Egregor gang had uploaded the files to a regular website where it had access anyone. This site seems to be down now and the Egregor gang is not very happy as indicated by the text in red letters in the screenshot above. This anger probably pushed them attackers to publish all files on the internet, as shown by the text highlighted in blue.

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