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YouTube: How can you download videos for free and legally?

Many times we enjoy videos on YouTube without being able to download them, as this requires payment. However, there are some programs that allow us to download a video from YouTube for free but also legally. In general, YouTube video downloaders available online are solutions for people who want to download a video for free. In some cases, however, these "free" video downloads charge users more than one can imagine. One of his "golden" rules Internet is for users to always watch what they download as there are many risks security which should not be ignored.

Youtube: How can you download videos for free and legally?

High risk of malware
If you type in its search Google "YouTube Video Download", you will see numerous YouTube video download sites that try to attract you. However, not everything is legal. Given the high competition, few could research other immoral activities to make money from users.

One such method is malvertising in which online Ads contain malicious code that redirects a user to a malicious site. Once someone visits the malicious site, scammers and cybercriminals can install some kind of adware or botnet mining on his system to make money, even if the user has closed the site. And it's not just that malware, as visiting a unsafe site makes a user vulnerable to all kinds of viruses and Trojans which can cause serious or even irreversible damage, such as theft of personal information.

Copying videos from a site is not only dangerous, but also illegal under the terms and conditions of YouTube. Where copyright law applies, no one is allowed to download or make copies of copyrighted content. Therefore, if you are caught in this action, you may be fined or even confronted by the judicial authorities.

Although YouTube has never beaten a user for downloading copyrighted content using a video downloader, this activity is still considered illegal. It is very unlikely that the YouTube video you want to save is exempt from copyright laws. However, there are some YouTube videos that are not subject to copyright laws, such as videos referred to as Creative common (CC) but also copyrighted videos. In general, however, downloading videos from YouTube is illegal.

Youtube: How can you download videos for free and legally?

How can you download a video from YouTube for free and legally?
Using YouTube video capture software is not only unsafe but also illegal. However you can download videos without any software, using only the official application of YouTube.

YouTube application
To download a video from YouTube legally, you need to do the following:

  • Use the official YouTube mobile app (Android / iOS)
  • Click on the video you want to download
  • Press the button Download just below the video thumbnail.
  • Select the video quality
  • Click OK.

The video is now saved in downloads. You can watch or listen to the video, even when you are offline. If you just want to download songs from YouTube, try the YouTube Music app that lets you access millions of songs on YouTube.

Youtube: How can you download videos for free and legally?

YouTube Go application
YouTube Go is one of the light applications Android designed for low performance smartphones. However, users who want to download free videos from YouTube can use it to their advantage. To download videos with YouTube Go, follow these steps:

  • Download the YouTube Go app (Android)
  • Select the video
  • In the next menu, select the quality
  • Press the download button

Why use the YouTube app to download a video?
Millions of people use YouTube to stream music. One of the biggest arguments for using third-party YouTube is that you can listen to the video while the screen is off.

You can also play videos while using other applications or when your screen is off with YouTube Premium. A $ 12 / month YouTube subscription that offers background playback, an ad-free experience, and unlimited access to YouTube Music.

The biggest advantage of downloading YouTube videos without software is that you can only play them in the YouTube app. Any other problem with free YouTube downloads can be solved by purchasing a YouTube premium subscription.

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