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Apple Watch: How to take a screenshot on your "smart" watch?

If you have an Apple Watch, one of the things you can do is take a screenshot at w device your. Many will wonder why anyone would want to take a screenshot at SmartWatch of. Maybe someone wants to immortalize their workout to upload it to SOCIAL MEDIA. But how do you take a screenshot of your Apple Watch?

First, if you want to turn on the screen saver in Apple Watch, you need to have it iPhone in your hand. The function must be enabled by the application Tracking. In general, we have used the Apple Watch SE running Watch 7, but this method will work the same way on other Apple Watches.
Here are the steps you can take to take a screenshot of your smartwatch:

  • Make sure the Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone.
  • Open the app Tracking> go to Generally.
  • Scroll down and press the toggle that says Enable screenshot.
  • Open it screen you want in the Apple Watch.
  • After that, press the side button and digital Crown to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch.
  • Thus, the screenshot mode Apple Watch with just a few easy, simple and fast steps and become useful.
  • The Apple Watch screenshot will automatically appear in application photos of your iPhone. So you can share it quickly with anyone you want.

The advancement of technology is impressive as it gives ability to users for more and more, special and innovative experiences that make their daily lives easier at all levels. As for the "smart" watch, it is impressive that it allows you to try and apply various functions including the creation of screenshots. All that remains is to make the most of every feature provided to you.


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