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Home security Zoom: Its users are victims of sexual blackmail!

Zoom: Its users are victims of sexual blackmail!

Cybercriminals use the method of sexual blackmail (sextortion) to threaten users of the popular application teleconference "Zoom" that they will leak videos that immortalize them naked or in other controversial moments, if they refuse to pay ransom. The sextortion scam detected by Bitdefender Antispam Lab appears to have started on October 20, after the journalist and TV analyst Jeffrey Toobin masturbated during a Zoom teleconference with members of the New Yorker and WNYC radio station.

Bitdefender reported that around 250.000 users, mostly on USA, received one e-mail informing them that they had been videotaped at a "controversial" moment while using Zoom. The victims then received threats that these video will leak if they do not pay the required ransom.

Zoom: Its users fall victim to sextortion

The email, with the title "About calling the Zoom Conference", claims that the intruder took advantage of a zero-day vulnerability to acquire access in person data of a victim. The email that the targeted victim receives writes the following: "You recently used Zoom, as most of us do during this bad time. COVID-19. And I have very bad news for you. There was a zero-day vulnerability in the Zoom app that allowed me to gain full access to the camera and some other metadata in your account. ". The attacker then claims that he recorded every move of the Zoom user just for fun.

Zoom: Its users fall victim to sextortion

Bitdefender's Alina Bizga commented on this security incident, noting that numerous zero-day vulnerabilities have been reported this year, some of which have even allowed the full withdrawal of users of the application. In addition, since the assailant claims to have images of the victim, he presents himself as a victim of the impact of COVID-19. Specifically, the attacker writes in the message he sends to the victim the following: "I am very ill, I lost my job, I have no money to survive. All this because of the stupid virus. I'm sorry. I do not have an other choice.".

The scammer then demands that the victim pay $ 2.000 to Bitcoin within three days, otherwise he will publish the videos in question he recorded against the unsuspecting victim. "I do not want you to be the next Jeffrey Toobin. I'm sure you do not want to be ashamed. ", states the warning received by the victims.


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