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Among Us Greece: We met one of the biggest teams in Greece!

Among Us Greece: We met one of the biggest teams in Greece!

The online multiplayer game, Among Us is the trend of the time. Although the first appearance of the game was in 2018, since the summer of 2020 it has managed to gain thousands of fans (famous and not) and recently even reached the top of its sales Steam.

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Gamers in Greece They seem to enjoy Among Us a lot as the game is trending and becoming more and more popular.

SecNews presents an interview with two Among Us gamers who have created one of the largest Among Us teams in Greece and the only one holding a weekly tournament and has taken the game to a more competitive level.

Elena and Costas declare themselves motivated by the game which gives them the opportunity to "gather with their friends" and spend their time in a fun way. online game.

Among Us Greece: We met the biggest team in Greece!
Among Us Greece: We met the biggest team in Greece!

The founders of Among Us GR / CY discord server organize a tournament, which will end on Sunday, November 22, 2020.

The tournament is divided into two phases:

Qualifying phase: From the October 11 to November 15, where the games take place every Sunday at 17.00. The winners of the qualifiers will win a ticket to the final.

Final: It will take place on Sunday November 22 where the big winner will emerge.

Among Us Greece: We met the biggest team in Greece!

Note that in the tournament participation is FREE and anyone who wishes can take part. Also, the big winner will win a cash prize while in the final there will be several surprise prizes.

Learn more about the competition on the team page at Facebook   and Instagram..

Become a member of the largest Among Us team in Greece here.

Stay tuned to SecNews and watch the grand final on November 22, 2020 on the YouTube channel.


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