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How to send a message to a Facebook user via Instagram?

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As most people probably know, the Instagram belongs to Facebook since 2012, but both platforms had remained basically separate. However, as of this year, The users have the ability to send a message to any Facebook user, using Instagram.

So how do you use it? Cross-App Messaging feature;

Cross-App Messaging works in both directions: from Facebook Messenger to Instagram and from Instagram to Facebook Messenger However, it is more visible on Instagram as Direct Message icon has been replaced with Messenger icon.

But there are some limitations. You can only send messages to individuals and not to groups or Facebook pages. From Facebook Messenger, you can send messages to anyone account Instagram, but not in Direct Message groups.

Note that your Messenger conversations will not suddenly appear on Instragam or vice versa. You need to look for people in the other platform.

To send a message to one user on Facebook, open the Instagram app at iPhone, the iPad or the Android your device. Click the Messenger icon in the upper right corner.


Enter the name of the person you want to send a message to in the search box at the top.

As you type, the results will appear below in different sections. Instagram people will appear at the top and Facebook friends will follow. Select the person you are looking for, if they appear, or click "Show All" to see more Facebook results.


You will see a notification informing you that you are sending a message to account of Facebook. You can now send the message. The recipient will see a similar alert.

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If you are not friends with the person you are texting, they will be asked to "Accept" the message.

The same procedure applies to sending a message from Facebook Messenger to Instagram. All you have to do is search for the person's Instagram account. Both you and the recipient will receive a notification informing you that a message has been sent from Messenger to Instagram.

Cross-App Messaging is very useful if you occasionally talk on Facebook Messenger and do not want to have the application installed. You can now contact users of Facebook via Instagram.

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