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Home security STM: the hacker behind the attack is demanding a ransom of $ 2.8 million

STM: the hacker behind the attack is demanding a ransom of $ 2.8 million

As it became known last week, Montreal's public transport system, Montreal Transport Company (STM), was attacked ransomware. And on Wednesday he stated that he does not intend to pay the ransom demanded of him malicious agent.


As STM reported, "after contacting him hacker's $ 2,8 million ransom was demanded. "

"STM remains firm in its decision not to act on this request."

Η attack took place on October 19 and affected 1.000 of the 1.600 transport system servers. Of these, 624 are considered functionally sensitive.

By Thursday, STM reported that 77% of its 624 servers had been restored, "thanks to the hard work of IT teams."

The search for the malware used in the attack has not yet yielded any results.

The STM said, however, that the ransomware attack worked similarly to RansomExx and what happened as a result of e-fishing (Phishing).

The STM website had been down for a while, but the company said it was not stolen data and that bus and metro services were not affected.

Meanwhile, the booking system paratransit of the agency was restored on 25 October.

In addition, the STM said that its 11.000 employees had received their pay in an "almost normal way" and that all its suppliers had been paid.

STM says it will not publish further details on the nature of the attack until the investigations.

The public transport system is not the only local organization that has been attacked in recent times.

On Thursday, his Minister of Health Quebec, Christian Dubé confirmed that CIUSSS Center-Ouest-de-l'Ile-de-Montreal, a regional health service, had also been the target of a cyber attack. CIUSSS said it had launched an investigation into the matter and that so far there was nothing to suggest that patient or staff information had been tampered with or stolen.


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