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Home security Enel: Second ransomware attack on multinational energy company this year

Enel: Second ransomware attack on multinational energy company this year

The multinational energy company "Enel SpA" or "Enel Group" was attacked ransomware for the second time this year. This time, the attack was provoked by his gang Netwalker, which is asking the company now ransom $ 14 million for the key decryption but also not to leak many stolen terabytes data. Enel is one of the largest companies operating in the European energy sector, with over 60 million customers in 40 countries. As of August 10, it is ranked 87th in Fortune Global 500, recording revenues of approximately $ 90 billion in 2019.

In early June, Enel 's internal network was attacked by Snake ransomware, also known as EKANS. However, the hackers were immediately perceived and so the malware did not manage to spread.

Enel: Second ransomware attack on multinational energy company this year

On October 19, a researcher released a ransom note from the Netwalker gang on BleepingComputer that appeared to be linked to the attack on Enel.
A few days later, Netwalker operators confirmed that the victim was Enel, after adding a message in their support conversation, stating “Hello Enel. Do not be afraid to write to us. ”

In cases where victims do not communicate directly with the attackers for negotiations, the ransom is usually doubled after a while. This seems to have happened in the case of Enel as well. The attackers used this channel to announce that they would start leaking the stolen data gradually, in order to put pressure on the company to pay the required ransom.

Enel: Second ransomware attack on multinational energy company this year

Today, the Netwalker gang added Ennel to its data leak site, while publishing screenshots non-encrypted files by the company during the attack. Netwalker operators claim to have stolen about 5 terabytes of data from Enel, threatening to publish more data in a week. They also said they would analyze each file to find interesting information, which will then be published on their site.


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