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How to delete your old digital data

When you post something online, it will be there forever unless you take steps to remove it from your digital history. If you have decided that you prefer not to keep tweets and emails for decades, there are ways to delete them. Keep in mind that this is different from stopping websites and networks from tracking your online activity on the web, even though the two are definitely interconnected.

delete digital data


Email services offer a lot of storage space in the cloud, so you might not consider deleting a single email if you need it again in the future - but when was the last time you looked in your email file to find an old email? ; Deleting older emails frees up storage and makes future searches faster.

The process of clearing your old emails will depend on the customer and the service you use. In the case of Gmail, there is no automatic way to delete old ones e-mail, so you need to remind yourself to do it on a regular basis. The search term you should put in the box at the top of the web interface is "old_than:" followed by the time period. Use “old_than: 1y” to find emails older than one year, for example, or “old_than: 6m” to find emails older than 6 months.

If Outlook is the provider of your choice, you do not have the same smart search operators as Gmail. You can, however, click the Filter link at the top of any folder (such as inbox) and then select Sort, Date and Oldest on top to find the oldest messages and delete them this way. Click the first email you want to delete, then Shift + Click the last email to delete, then select Delete.

Social Media

Twitter is the social network you are probably most interested in deleting older messages and it is also the one that offers the most tools for deleting.

Two of the best auto-delete tools we've come across are TweetDelete and Tweet Deleter, which sound similar and work in very similar ways - both can automatically delete tweets as soon as they reach a certain "age". Tweet Deleter gives you a little more control over which tweets are deleted, but TweetDelete offers more for free possibilities, so it's worth trying both to see which works best. For access to all available options, TweetDelete has a one-time price of $ 15, while Tweet Deleter costs $ 15 per month.

We should also mention Jumbo for Android and iOS, which can delete old posts on both Twitter and Facebook once they reach a certain age, saving the media in the Jumbo application. Apart from Jumbo, the options are limited for deleting older posts on Facebook and even deleting older posts on Facebook. Instagram.


Deleting older files you have stored in the cloud is not about protecting yourself from prying eyes but more about keeping yourself organized (and limiting money amount you have to spend on cloud storage every month). But it may come as no surprise that there is no easy way to do this automatically in large cloud storage services, although there are a few tricks you can try.

In the case of Dropbox, you can click the Modified column and select Ascending to see files that you have not edited in the longest time - this only applies to folder that you are currently viewing, not the files in your Dropbox as a whole. If there are folders that hold temporary and less important files, you can quickly view and remove the older ones by sorting them according to the modified date (use the boxes on the left to select files, then click the three dots and Delete to delete them).

When it comes to Google Drive, look for the Last modified in the modified column. Click this to switch between the first view of the most recently modified files or less recently modified files. You can also perform a search like "before: 2020-01-01" in the Google Search main search box to search for files that were last modified before a specific date (change the date as needed). Press Ctrl + Click to select multiple files in Google Drive, then the trash can icon to delete them.

Both OneDrive and iCloud have similar options: OneDrive has Modified and Descending from the Sort menu and iCloud has Sort by… at the top right of the file list. These manual functions are of course not as convenient as automatic tools.

Internet activity

Google is leading the way in automatically deleting data collected as you browse the web.

Sign in to your Google Account on the web, and then click Data & personalization to see the information Google records about your web activity, search history, and location to personalize your experience from the applications as well as to show targeted ads. In all these categories, you can set the Auto-delete option to turn them off automatically data after 3, 18 or 36 months.

Aside from Google, the only other company that collects data and places ads on it on the same scale is Facebook. If you go to Facebook settings and then click on Your Facebook information and View, you can access and delete some of these data, although not defined in time.


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