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The special function of "Among Us" will not come soon

The Among Us is a video game that became very popular, especially in its period quarantine, with millions of players around the world. The game developed by InnerSloth, a company owned by three people and trying very hard to meet the demands of the players.

Among Us

However, one of the requirements of the players, the "Custom map creator", can not be met at the moment by the creators. The players of "Among Us" asked for this special from the beginning mode, but the developers made it clear that it would not be available soon.

On October 1, the developers showed up at Weekly Gaming Show of Twitch. During the show, the developers announced that they are working on the fourth stage for Among Us, which currently has three stages. The three also confirmed that they like the idea of ​​custom maps in Among Us. However, they cannot apply this feature to the current one version of the game.

To allow players to create their own stages in the game, they must be given them data of maps that do not exist in the current version of Among Us. This is because all the maps in the game are hand drawn.

"The maps at the moment are completely handwritten. "There are no sets of tiles or anything like that, so basically we have to redefine the way we make our maps." Marcus bromander of InnerSloth.

To create map elements, developers will need to truncate each element from existing maps. These elements can then be used by players to create their own custom maps.

However, creating data from scratch would take a lot of time and effort. And for now, developers are focusing on protect the game from malicious agents.

Thus, a "Custom Map Maker" will only be possible when the developers are fully satisfied with the basic gaming experience of Among Us.


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