HomesecurityAmong Us: players were hit by a spam attack

Among Us: players were hit by a spam attack

Η InnerSloth, creator of the popular game Among Us, encountered one attack that affected his players last week. More specifically, sometime last Thursday, the players fell victim to an attack spam, who bombarded their conversations at game.

Among Us

The spam attack that hit the participants in the game, sent in their conversations a character "Eris Loris", which pushed them to subscribe to his channel on UAF YouTube. Some messages received a threatening tone, warning players that if they did not register, Appliances they will be violated. Upon verification, the malicious YouTube YouTube channel appears to be promoting various game cheats and hacks.

Players shared some screenshots about the spam attack on many social media sites, including Twitter.

As soon as InnerSloth was informed of the problem, it immediately began investigating the issue while at the same time working on an update to rectify the situation. The game studio advised the community not to participate in public online games and instead to choose private games with people they could trust.

Forest Willard, one of InnerSloth developers, started releasing it emergency information later that night.

Although both the plot and the game's graphics are very simple, Among Us has become a huge success with players from all over the world. Part of his huge success could also be due to his pandemic COVID-19, which has forced many people to stay at home, resulting in "getting stuck" with the game.

In the game, players try to keep their spaceship running by completing various tasks, while one of their rogue Associates tries to kill them secretly. The Affiliates must then try to drive the scammer away from the game.

The game is so popular that it was also used to mobilize young voters to vote in the presidential election. elections 2020 in the US.

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