HomesecurityAmazon: Dismisses employees for leaking customer data

Amazon: Dismisses employees for leaking customer data


Η Amazon recently fired some of the employees responsible for the leak data customers, including addresses emails their.

The company contacted all customers affected by leakage, to inform them of the incident.

Over the weekend, many customers of Amazon received an email from the company informing them of the leak of their email addresses.

The emails these confused customers, who did not know if it was a mass breach or if it was an isolated incident targeting them. These concerns became known through various tweets.

"Did anyone else receive a weird email from Amazon about this data breach or did they just target me?? ”, The businessman wrote Zain Jaffer.

Another one user, asked: "Well, what I'm trying to figure out is: Has only my email address been revealed? Or has Amazon suffered a more general data breach - and have you notified the UK authorities? Why does the Canada branch notify a UK account holder?";

In the email that Amazon sent to customers (which BleepingComputer saw) they are included just a little information about the incident:

"We are writing to let you know that the email address has been leaked by an Amazon employee in a third party, in violation of our policies. As a result, we fired the employee, referred him to the authorities and we want him to be prosecuted. No other information was released about him account your. This has nothing to do with what you did and you do not need to take any action. We apologize for this incident".

Although the email notification states that only one employee is responsible for leaking customer data, a company statement, shared by Motherboard, implies that more are involved employees, who have also been fired:

"The people responsible for this incident have been fired. We have referred them to the authorities and we encourage their prosecution", Said a representative of Amazon.

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Η company has not reported the exact number of customers affected by the data leak.

The threats posed by the so-called "Insider", Ie people who work in a company (are within the company), must be taken seriously. In fact, insiders are one of the biggest threats to technology Companies. Similar incidents have been reported in the past.

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