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How to install a .watchface file on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch lets you customize the faces of the watch to display all kinds of useful information. But did you know that you can get these custom designs directly from someone's watch? See below how you can install someone else's Apple Watch face.

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What is a .watchface file?

You can share custom Apple Watch faces using a .watchface file. This file contains a template with information such as the base of the watch you are using, the colors and options used throughout the design.

It is important to note that the .watchface files that are created do not contain his personal information user. Thus, an apple watch will not include the user's medical data. When face is applied to your watch, personal activity data and program will be used instead.

When you share the Apple Watch face with another person, a .watchface file is created and sent. You will probably only see this file if you do common use outside of Apple services such as imessages or AirDrop. This file format is useful because it can be used to share your designs through other methods.

Install the .watchface file on the Apple Watch

You can install .watchface files on your watch using your iPhone. How these files are installed depends on how the other person shares their design. All you have to do is click on the Watch face that was sent to you in a conversation and the Watch application will open and ask you to add it by displaying the message "Add to My Faces".

If you have the .watchface file in an email, locate the email on your iPhone and tap on the .watchface attachment. The Watch app will open and ask you to add face to your watch. The same goes for messenger applications like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger: Touch the file and follow them instructions of the Watch application.

If you have the .watchface file in Mac your, the AirDrop is the fastest method of transportation. Right-click (or Control + click) the file and select Share> AirDrop. In the window that appears, select your iPhone. If you do not see your iPhone, make sure AirDrop is turned on and visible.

When you receive the file on your iPhone, you will be prompted to open it in the selection of your applications. Click "Watch" at the top of the list to open it directly in the Watch app and follow them instructions to add it to your face. You could also save the file in Apple Notes for Mac and then open the corresponding note on your iPhone.

For Windows users, AirDrop is not an option. We recommend that you place the file on a cloud storage platform such as Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud Drive for Windows. After uploading the file, open the corresponding application on your iPhone and open the file in the Watch application to add it to your face.

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