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Microsoft is limiting the availability of Windows 10 20H2

Microsoft is currently restricting the availability of Windows 10 20H2 to provide all users who want to upgrade to the best possible download and upgrade experience.

Windows 10 20H2

Following the release of Windows 10 20H2 (also known as the October 2020 update), it was immediately available to users who manually checked for updates via Windows Update (browsers) on devices running Windows 10 1903 or later.

Customers must have Windows 20 2 Servicing Stack Update and KB10 or later installed before upgrading, according to Microsoft 2004H4579311 Feature Update Support Page.

While the slowdown of the information is valid only for the classic users and not for people who are looking for it. This does not necessarily mean that applicants who are unable to update on Windows 10 20H2 have incompatible hardware, as this time their systems are also included in the restriction process.

The ongoing restriction process is part of an effort that will end when Microsoft is convinced that the remaining users upgraded are not affected by the other compatibility features and that the download servers can withstand the number of information requests.

Microsoft says it will "slowly increase availability in the coming weeks to ensure a reliable download experience," according to the Windows 10 Health Dashboard. "As a result, the update may not be offered to you immediately."

This makes traffic slow and slow, with some users waiting to install it through Windows Update, although their devices are not excluded from any of the security commitments that Microsoft has already enabled since the release of 20H2.

Although Microsoft does not recommend bypassing security breaches, you can do so by using the Media Creation Tool or by using a new Windows 10 group policy designed to allow users to bypass update blocks.

You can use this Update Troubleshooter or this tutorial to troubleshoot Windows 10 update issues.

Earlier this month, Microsoft fixed a known issue that prevented some Windows 10 1903 and 1909 devices from upgrading to newer versions of the operating system, including 2004 and 20H2.


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