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How to enable the new Chrome Read more feature

The latest version of Google Chrome browser, v86, released earlier this month, contains a secret feature called Read Later that is reminiscent of the old Set Aside feature from the classic Microsoft Edge browser and the current integration of Pocket by Firefox.


As the name Read Later works by allowing users to save a tab to read later.

The function is not activated by default, but the users must enable it using the following Chrome flag: chrome: // flags / # read-later


Once enabled, a new option will be added to the Chrome tab which is revealed by right-clicking on menu.


Once selected, this option closes the tab and adds the tab link to bookmarks called "Reading list".

If Chrome's bookmarks are enabled, you can access this envelope through one button on the right side of the line bookmarks, with the name "Reading list".

Once clicked, a drop-down list displays all the tabs they have saved, along with tabs already read.


Features like Read Later are just one of the many gifts Google has hidden in Chrome.



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