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Home security Violation in Nitro Software most likely affects Google, Apple, Microsoft

Violation in Nitro Software most likely affects Google, Apple, Microsoft

The service Nitro PDF (of Nitro Software) suffered a infringement data, which It is said to affect many known Companies, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Chase and Citibank.

Nitro Software Google, Apple, Microsoft

Nitro PDF is an application that allows you to create, edit and sign PDFs and digital documents and is used by more than 10 thousand business clients and 1,8 million simple users.

The company behind Nitro also offers one service in cloud, used by clients to share documents with colleagues or other organizations.

Major data breach

On October 21, Nitro Software announced that it was affected by a "security incident with little impact“. The company said that no customer data was affected.

According to the company announcement at the time, there was unauthorized access in a Nitro database. The base data did not contain user and client documents. Nitro also said the incident security did not affect the company's operations, while the investigation did not find evidence that financial and other sensitive customer data has been affected.

However, more data may eventually have been violated. Η company security, Cyble, told BleepingComputer that a cyber criminal sells databases and documents that he says have been stolen from Nitro Software's cloud service.

This data is sold at a private auction with a starting price of $ 80.000.

According to Cyble, the "user_credential" database contains 70 million user data (addresses e-mail, full names, bcrypt hashed passwords, titles, company names, IP addresses and other system-related data).

The document database contains the title of the document, the date of creation and signing, and the account held by the document. It also shows whether it is public or not.

According to Cyble, these databases contain significant number of items, related to well-known companies:

Company# of accounts# of documents

The titles of the leaked documents already reveal a lot of information about financial reports, M&A, NDA activities or product releases.

If the exposed databases really belong to Nitro, we are talking about one of the worst corporate breaches data.

Nitro PDF is commonly used by businesses for sensitive financial, legal and commercial documents. Therefore, the leakage of such documents could cause major problems in one company.

It has not been confirmed whether the data leak is related to attack which took place a few days ago.


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