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Home security Ransomware attack "hit" election database in Georgia, USA!

Ransomware attack "hit" election database in Georgia, USA!

A ransomware attack hit Georgia County earlier this month, affecting a database used to verify voter signatures during audits. identity of absent voters. This is a common process aimed at validating voters who do not attend the election process.

The media pointed out that this is the first ransomware incident attack against a system used for the upcoming presidential elections elections to be held on November 3.

Ransomware attack "hit" election database in Georgia, USA!

Ransomware attacks could have a very serious impact on elections, as they could disrupt systems and cast doubt on the validity of the electoral process among American citizens.

The ransomware attack took place Oct. 7, hitting Hall County, a county in northern Georgia, affecting the operation of the area's signature database.

Ransomware attack "hit" election database in Georgia, USA!

As the newspaper reported Gainesville Times, one of the counties used by the county to verify the signatures of absent voters, is down due to a network outage in the area following an ransomware attack on October 7. He added that the coordinator of the process, Kay Wimpye, said that officials could still verify the signatures of voters by pulling them manually. copies of voter registration cards, which however is more time consuming. Most voter signatures can be verified using a state database that was not affected by the holiday operation.

The media also reported that the ransomware attack that hit Hall County was carried out by hacking gang that developed the Doppelpaymer, whose members leaked the stolen data in the data leak website to force the county to pay ransom.

According to Infosecurity, the county site posted an update announcing that the attack did not affect the voting process.


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