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Microsoft did a survey and got angry with its results

Microsoft recently commissioned research firm YouGov to survey 5.000 users - the questions were about their general and deepest thoughts about the company. Some user responses were common so let's see them in detail below.

90% of respondents admitted that they were worried every time they shared their information online.

70% said the US government is not doing enough to protect his personal data.

Another 70% said they would like the company's next administration to enact privacy legislation.

How do we know Microsoft is angry? Well, those details come from an impressive post - published this week - by Julie Brill, "Corporate Vice President and Vice President for Global Privacy and Regulatory Affairs at Microsoft." He does not think the US government is doing very well.

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Brill tried to restrain herself but failed. It started by talking about the importance of data in our new, more limited world.

He said: "Data is crucial not only for rebuilding our economy, but for helping us understand the social inequalities that have contributed to dramatically higher rates. disease and death between "Black communities" and other communities due to COVID-19:. "Data can also help us focus on resources to rebuild a fairer economy that benefits everyone."

A key problem, Brill said, is scarcity confidence in society today. He said: "The United States is far behind the rest of the world in protecting it private life".

I can not imagine that we are further behind her Russia.

However, Brill is not really happy with it government "In total, more than 130 countries have enacted laws on privacy. However, one country has not yet done so: the United States. "

Brill worries that our isolation is not good, saying “Contrary to the role our country has traditionally played in global issues"The United States is not leading or even participating in the discussion of common privacy rules."

Brill fears that other parts of the world will continue to be the leaders in privacy while USA continue to lead to inaction and chaos.

"The YouGov study found that many people believe that Companies "They have the primary responsibility for protecting the privacy of the data - not the government."

"But what do these companies do? They make your secret a responsibility, dear citizen. I dare say Microsoft has done it once or twice. The large number websites, devices and applications on which people rely to stay connected and committed - a number that has grown even more during this crisis - makes it almost impossible for individuals to navigate privacy information and receive the right information decisions about how their data is used, "said Brill.

He added: "Too often, we provide this information in alerts that are difficult for even lawyers or engineers to understand - imagine how difficult it is for consumers."

Brill's post is quite detailed. Just as there is no trust in protecting the privacy of companies, so there is no trust in virtually any aspect of American society. "Trust is essential," Brill concluded. "It's time government and businesses to work together to approve laws and rediscover practices to recognize the individual's right to own and control his or her personal data and have a responsibility to protect his or her privacy. ”

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