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Home security The school communities of Yorktown and Croton-Harmon were violated

The school communities of Yorktown and Croton-Harmon were violated

Its school communities Yorktown and Croton-Harmon in Westchester County, have recently fallen victim data breach, when a malicious agent infected me ransomware school systems.


Yorktown School was forced to temporarily relocate from the hybrid learning model it was using, to distance learning, following news that the community had suffered infringement on October 12.

According to the researcher Ron Hattar, The hacker encrypt the files in networks of the school community, with the result that school officials have to restore the systems one by one, using the backups.

Yet another school in his area Westchester was attacked by cybercriminals on desktops and laptops computers used by students at home to attend lessons at home.

This is the Croton-Harmon. In a message to parents and students, Croton-Harmon Deborah O'Connell, stated that the incident was a ransomware attack. This type of data breach prevents an organization from gaining access to data of in order to request ransom.

O'Connell explained that the school community "never thought" of paying the ransom, "as it was able to restore its systems from backups".

Yorktown's Ron Hattar did not specify the type of attack on cyberspace suffered by the community, but said it was difficult to deal with. "The impact of this attack on our systems is taking a long time to recover servers and devices," Hattar said in an email Wednesday. Yorktown also did not pay the ransom demanded.

Both inspectors stated that there was no evidence that the personal data of students and staff had been violated. Only laptops and workstations were affected, not Chromebooks and iPads.

Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more common against school groups, as they are a relatively easy target and contain a lot of information that can be exploited by malicious agents. That is why it is important for school communities to follow all the necessary procedures to protect their records and to be constantly vigilant.


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