HomesecurityLawyers say Trump has the power to ban TikTok

Lawyers say Trump has the power to ban TikTok


The government Trump said on Friday that has the power to ban the use of TikTok in the United States, saying in a court application that the popular Chinese application is a threat to the national safety because of its relationship with the Chinese government.

Trump administration attorneys have told the District Court USA in Washington that the US government should be able to impose restrictions on the use of the application. According to lawyers, the proposed restrictions are in line with the power of the President to protect the national security of USA.

"The President should not be prevented from settling threats to the national safety simply because a foreign competitor covers its activities within a media company", Said government lawyers in a 46-page application.

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump in August bans any trading of USA with Chinese parent company TikTok, ByteDance. According to Trump, TikTok collects user data which it provides to the Government of China. The US believes the company is affiliated with the Chinese government, which means that Chinese Communist Party could have access to Americans' personal information users. In addition, it could allow China to monitor the position of federal employees and contractors. However, in September, a federal judge ruled in favor of TikTok, temporarily giving him a small victory.


A separate order, issued on 14 August, ordered her ByteDance to sell its operations in the US by November 12.

According to CNET, the company behind TikTok insists that has never delivered American data users to the Chinese government and does not intend to do so even if asked. TikTok also disputes the executive order, arguing that Trump did not follow due process and did not provide strong evidence that TikTok is genuine threatening for the national security of the country.


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