HomesecurityThe attack on Dr. Reddy's highlights the importance of better infrastructure

The attack on Dr. Reddy's highlights the importance of better infrastructure

As we mentioned in our previous article, last week the pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy's temporarily stopped production in all its laboratories due to violation to servers her.

Dr. Reddy's

The incident happened shortly after the company received approval from DCGI to conduct phase 2 and 3 tests for a redesigned protocol for a vaccine for COVID-19.

Η attack This is a prime reminder of how vulnerable the health system is to cyber attacks.

According to an HSBC report, damage control and restoration are vital. He mentioned that Dr. Reddy's is the first company among its peers to invest in digital transformation initiatives as well as innovative security technologies in cyberspace.

"The attack came as a strong reminder of the strengthening of digital infrastructure and the strengthening of cyber security measures. "While it does not expect significant operational implications, a rapid update on damage control and restoration will in our view be critical to validating the resilience of its systems," the report added.

The company is currently reviewing its security practices to make them more effective and is trying to identify how the infringement.

"After detecting the cyber attack, we isolated all the data center services to take the necessary precautionary measures. We expect that all services will be operational within 24 hours and we do not anticipate a significant impact on our operations due to this incident ", said Mukesh Rathi, CIO to Dr. Reddy's Labs.

The company suffered data breaches on its servers at United Kingdom, the USA, the India, Brazil and Russia.

At a time when the transition to the digital world is more intense than ever, attacks like this are a worrying phenomenon and underscore the importance of a more secure infrastructure.  

"The risk of cyber attacks on the pharmaceutical industry is further exacerbated by remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, pharmaceutical manufacturers (including DRRD) need to further invest in and strengthen cyber security systems to avoid or minimize operational disruptions, high control costs, and reduce damage and possible lawsuits or regulatory sanctions. " , the report said.


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