HomesecurityNew York: Chenango County was attacked by ransomware

New York: Chenango County was attacked by ransomware

Chenango County officials had to find other solutions as none of the county computers could be accessed. Chenango County Director of Information and Technology Herman Ericksen told 12 News that the county system received an ransomware attack over the weekend.

The hackers locked the employees' computers and demanded a ransom of $ 450 for each computer to give them back control. This is commonly known as ransomware attack.


Herman Ericksen said no affected all but most of the county "apartments". On Thursday he said Chenango County was not going to pay for them ransom, but will try to restore its systems and "rebuild" itself server.

The IT director said there is a backup of the system that could help the county recover computers her.

Ericksen said the New York State Police, as well as state experts technology and the Department of Homeland Security are currently assisting the county. There is no clear timeline for how long this will take, and Ericksen said he did not know how long it would take to rebuild it. systemic.

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