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Watch the first videos of using Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta

We see for the first time what Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta software update does and does, as some users who try it share the videos and it really looks crazy.

After months of working on a complete rewrite of the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving package, Tesla has now launched the full release of Beta Self-Driving.


As expected, the new update allows the vehicle to turn on city roads and connect to the features of Tesla's "Navigate on Autopilot", providing an almost fully equipped automatic driving system that drivers must constantly monitor.

Tesla is very clear on the information issue of the Full Self-Driving Beta update that can be dangerous if not monitored by the driver:

Full self-driving is in very limited Beta access and must be used with extreme caution. He can make a mistake at the worst possible time, so you should always keep your hands on the steering wheel and be especially careful on the road. Do not rest.

Tesla has also confirmed the features that the new beta update allows:

When Full Self-Driving is activated, your vehicle will change lanes on its own, navigate between other vehicles and objects, and turn left and right. Use Full Self-Driving in limited beta only if you are constantly on the road and ready to react immediately, especially when you are in blind corners, intersections and narrow roads.

The automaker is currently shipping only information to a limited number of holders in the early access program and intends to gradually promote it to more people in the coming weeks.

Since it relies on many neural networks, the system It is expected to improve quickly as the more people use it, the easier it is to fix the problems.

Some homeowners are starting to notice pictures and video of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta software. We see that Tesla has updated the driving illustrations with much more information.

Here is some information from the Twitter user @ brandonee916 who received and activated the update:

When there are a lot of objects and signs along the road, the visuals / visualizations of driving seem absurd.

Here the vehicle is navigating the roundabout for the first time since information:

As you can see, Tesla shares a lot more information about what Autopilot sees, but the graphics look less sophisticated than before:

In the next video, we can see the Tesla vehicle making a left turn at an intersection using Navigate on Autopilot - something that was not possible before this beta update:

If you receive the update, follow them carefully instructions and be extremely careful, as Tesla recommends.


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