HomesecurityThe pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co fell victim to data breach

The pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co fell victim to data breach

The pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co. based in Japan, announced on Thursday that its Taiwan subsidiary had been hit by an online attack earlier this month, which resulted in infringement of its data. However it seems that the information about vaccine of the coronavirus did not leak.


According to the company, the licenses for the import of medical equipment and the residence permits of the employees were leaked to "Dark WebAfter a computer in the Taipei sales office became infected with a virus in mid-October.

The malicious agent has threatened the company that if he does not pay the ransom he asked for, even more information will be leaked to Internet.

Shionogi said it did not detect any malicious activity on the computers or computers servers in laboratories located in Japan.

While clinical trials are being conducted in Taiwan, the subsidiary is not dealing with issues involving cutting-edge technology or personal information, the company said.

Japan is not the only country that has noticed attacks related to research institutes involved in the development of coronavirus vaccines.

A U.S. intelligence agency said Monday that some Japanese research institutes involved in coronavirus vaccine programs had experienced cyber attacks from April. Based on the techniques used, it is suspected that a Chinese hacking group is behind the attacks.

Attacks using ransomware, a type of malware that locks files and threatens to publish victim data unless ransom is paid, have increased in Japan.

Nobuo Miwa, president of the information security company S&J Corp. in Tokyo, warned that "information about a vaccine is attractive to criminals in addition to money."

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