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A student goes to his closed school for WiFi because he does not have internet at home

A 9-year-old student at a Roswell elementary school in New Mexico goes to his closed elementary school to do his homework via the building's WiFi because he does not have internet access at home.

Schools in the Roswell Independent School District conduct classes online because of pandemic of Covid-19.

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Angel Endecott says Jonathon's son turns ten next month and is a very independent child. They live near the school and Jonathon has been coming and going to school alone since last year.

Endecott, which works in the field of "home health", lost both jobs at the same time due to Covid-19. He returned to one of them business but was unable to pay for the internet.

She said her son was happy when he told him to go to school to connect to the internet.

"It was like going back to school normally and I could be like a normal kid again," the student said. Being outside the school building gives him that feeling, even though he is not close to his classmates or teachers.

Endecott said their house was right across from the school, so she and her husband were not worried about safety of their son.

"The principal, the secretary and some teachers come to check on him and see if he needs something ", he said.

A schoolteacher said she was upset to see Jonathon out of school earlier this month. She shared a photo of Jonathon with a friend, who posted it on Facebook after receiving the necessary permission from his mom.

The post was widely shared on Internet and someone who saw it offered to pay for the Endecott family internet for a year.

The woman who posted the photo on Facebook created a GoFundMe account to raise money to help other children access the internet and be able to take their online lessons.

Jonathon told CNN that he is able to talk to his friends and classmates online and that being in the school building is more like being in school. He said that his favorite theme is science.

His mom told him he was excited to go to school and was not constantly with his parents. He said he would like to continue going to school even after his family regains internet access, but the school said he would need to have a guardian with him.


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