HomesecurityHackers pretend to be Microsoft Teams to steal credentials

Hackers pretend to be Microsoft Teams to steal credentials

Cybercriminals pretend to be Microsoft Teams to steal them Office 365 credentials employees.

Microsoft Teams

This new one hacking campaign was discovered by its researchers Abnormal Security and has targeted over 50,000 users of the Office, with one an automated message that appears to come from the Microsoft Teams communication platform.

According to researchers, the fake emails states: "There is new activity in Teams”And looks like an automated notification from Microsoft Teams.

The emails makes the recipient believe that his associates are trying to contact him and urges him to click on the option "Reply to Teams".

Victims who click on any of the three links in the email, lead to a malicious Phishing σελίδα. There are asked to provide the email and password access their.

"The phishing landing page is very similar to its login page Microsoft. URL starts with “microsftteams" offering further reliability", The researchers noted.

If victims give their credentials, The hackers will have access to both this and sensitive information stored in their account. In addition, attackers may be able to perform BEC attacks and gain access to the corporate network.

Cybercriminals take advantage of the fact that Microsoft Teams and other communication platforms are widely used because COVID-19 and use it to deceive their victims.

"Because Microsoft Teams is an instant messaging service, recipients of this alert can click on it immediately to respond quickly to any message they think they may have missed.", Noted Abnormal Security.

In May, Abnormal Security researchers discovered two other similar campaigns, where the swindlers had taken advantage of the Microsoft Teams to deceive their victims.

According to Infosecurity Magazine, investigators had said of those attacks: "These intruders created convincing fake emails from Microsoft Teams. The phishing landing pages that hosted both attacks looked like real websites".

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