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Home security Germany: Secret services will have access to encrypted conversations

Germany: Secret services will have access to encrypted conversations

Η Germany said he would allow on state secrets services to obtain access in encrypted conversations users through messaging services such as Messenger or Whatsapp. Berlin made this decision in order to tackle terrorism.


The cabinet even approved a bill to that effect, following a series attacks in the country.

The proposed legislation would allow state intelligence services, including military services, to to watch not only the current conversations in applications messaging, but also encrypted messages that have already been sent (using "spy software").

"I can not accept that the authorities security we are left behind by the enemies of our democracy due to lack of powerSaid Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. The Minister stressed that this bill is already an "belated step in the fight against terrorists and extremists".

He added that the secret services information they should have had the necessary means for a long time tackling such threats in today’s digital age, where things have changed a lot compared to the past.

Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (Social Democrat) agreed that authorities and the secret services must be able to deal effectively with terrorists. The aim of the proposed bill is crime prevention and not the monitoring of ordinary citizens.

secret services

The German government has stipulated that the legislation will be able to be implemented only with the agreement of a special parliamentary committee, which controls everything related to the interception of communications by federal intelligence services.

Germany has been the target of several terrorist attacks in recent years, particularly by far-right extremists, who have often published their motives through the Internet.

According to Securityweek, some Opposition members have expressed concern over the surveillance of secret talks, as they consider it to be violation of citizens' rights.


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