HomesecurityMade in Oregon has been the victim of a data breach

Made in Oregon has been the victim of a data breach

Victims data breach the customers of one fell retail company based in Oregon, causing their personal information to be leaked.  

Made in Oregon

The data, owned by thousands of its customers Made in Oregon leaked from a breach that lasted six months. Made in Oregon is a local supplier with five stores in the Portland area.

According to the company, an unauthorized user acquired access on its e-commerce site from the first week of February 2020 until the last week of August 2020.

Made in Oregon sent a letter to 7.800 customers who made purchases from its online store during the violation.

According to the notice, the leaked information included name, billing address, shipping address, email address and credit card details.

Made in Oregon is aware that a small number of its customers have been affected by the data breach and leaked card details and is working with authorities to further investigate the incident.

"We believe that the actual number of users whose cards were affected was very small," said the company owner. Verne Naito at OregonLive. "However, anyone who has made a purchase on our site is at risk, so our response was immediate."

Naito said customers made it markets by telephone during the breach period were not affected by the incident.

The company reported the breach to the authorities and itself launched an internal investigation to determine exactly what happened and how many customers were affected. Customers were offered a free one year credit tracking service.

Following the breach, Made in Oregon said it had "implemented additional security measures designed to prevent a recurrence of this incident." "With consumers around the world increasing the amount of purchases they make at Internet"It is natural for attackers to turn their attention to online shoppers, with sophisticated fraudulent campaigns," he said. Brendan O'Conner, CEO and co-founder "These trends are unlikely to slow down any time soon and I look forward to seeing more attacks targeting cloud applications for business and e-commerce websites. "

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