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iPhone: How to take photos in Burst mode

Burst mode is a great way to guarantee that you can take a picture of any move - but, since iOS 14, it is slightly hidden on iPhone XS, iPhone XR and newer devices. See how you can use it.

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Take photos and videos with QuickTake

QuickTake is a new feature that makes it easy to take short videos while taking photos on your iPhone. Makes the camera work more like built-in cameras in applications like Instagram and Snapchat.

To take a short video, hold down the "Shutter" button. When you release it, the recording will stop. If you want to create a larger video, hold down the "Shutter" button and drag it to the padlock on the right. This will lock the recording until you press the "Stop Recording" button. You can keep pulling photos pressing the "Shutter" button even during enrollment.

If you've been using an iPhone for a while, you may have noticed that you have "pulled the bursts". Now, to take a photo burst, hold down the "Shutter" button and drag it to the left. Your iPhone will continue downloading until you release it.

You need to drag the shutter fast enough, pause very quickly and your iPhone will start recording the video.

Adjust the volume in Burst Mode

The volume buttons on your iPhone are doubled as a "shutter release" and work with QuickTake. Press “Volume Up” or “Volume Down” to take a photo, or hold down to take a short video.

However, you can configure your iPhone to hold the "Volume Up" function instead of taking a burst of photos, while "Volume Down" takes videos. It's a great way to get full control of your camera.

To turn it on, go to Settings> Camera, and turn on "Use Volume Up For Burst".

Selection of photos from Burst mode

Not every photo you take in the burst is good. In fact, you may want to keep only one or two. Your iPhone will automatically select the one it thinks is the best photo, and all you have to do is agree and delete those you do not like.

To sort photos, open Camera Roll. Burst mode photos appear as a small stack, although they are difficult to see. Click inside and you will also see “Burst (X photos)” on the top left.

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