HomesecurityCybersecurity: What to do to protect your business

Cybersecurity: What to do to protect your business

The "Plain English" guide, written with data from the NCSC, advises retailers on what they need to do to keep their business - and their customers - safe from cyber attacks.

Retailers face potential ransomware threats, malware, phishing attacks and many more and a new guide developed with the help of the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) aims to prevent retailers from falling victim to these attacks.

The "Cyber ​​Resilience Toolkit for Retail" has been developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the NCSC and seeks to provide a "Plain English" guide to cyber security for management and retail boards.

The nature of retailers and the way they handle not only financial data but also personal data, always make them a tempting target for them Criminals at cyberspace. During 2020, BRC reports that there has been an increase in the number of online markets, which may provide Criminals of cyber more loot if they make a successful one attack in cyberspace on a website e-commerce.

"We want to keep them data, the identity and privacy of buyers secure and ensure that the sector retailers are well equipped to meet the cyber challenges associated with an increasingly digital worldSaid Dr. Ian Levy, NCSC Technical Director.

"Cyber ​​security does not have to be scary. There are many best practice measures you can take to ensure that you protect yourself and them. customers you ", he added.

These best practice measures include the use of strong passwords, good staff training and data backup, so if a successful ransomware attack occurs, the organization will be able to restore data from backups.

It is also recommended that management know what procedures apply and know what to do if a cyber attack occurs - and who to call if help is needed.

"Last year, retailers spent more than 186 XNUMX million on cyber security, but rising online sales mean there is a growing threat of new violations in cyberspace and sophisticated hacking techniques. As a result, retailers need to ensure that their systems are up to date, ”said Helen Dickinson, CEO of the British Retail Consortium.

The toolbox also contains tips for areas that may come from potential threats from retailers. These include people working from home, malicious people, the supply chain and the old systems not updated.

The guide also urges retailers to take advantage of the NCSC exercise in a box - a free tool which allows organizations to test their cyber defense based on some common hacking scenarios and cyber facts.

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