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Windows 10 1909 KB4580386 fixes various issues

Microsoft has released the monthly cumulative update KB4580386 for Windows 10 1909 with quality enhancements and corrections to the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, USB printer, and flashing screen issues.

Once KB4580386 is installed on a Windows 10 device, version 1909, its version operating system will be updated at 18363.18363.1171.


You can find more information about the types of Windows 10 updates that Microsoft releases each month here.

This cumulative update addresses an issue that prevents Microsoft Xbox Game Pass users from playing any games that could play and fixes a reliability issue that causes the screen to flash constantly.

As BleepingComputer reported yesterday, screen problems were noticed by users after installation of the cumulative update KB4579311 released on 13 October 2020.

KB4580386 also fixes a known issue that forces printer ports USB to disappear after restarting systemic if the printer is turned off.

Microsoft also introduces Meet Now at task bar of Windows 10 with the KB4580386 preview update to make it easy to connection with anyone with just two clicks. ”

"In the coming weeks, you will be able to easily set one up video call and reach out to friends and relatives in an instant while doing so click in the "Meet Now" icon in the area notifications of workgroup", Added Microsoft. "Not required enrollment ή λήψη. "

Last but not least, Microsoft says customers who install security update KB4580386 may experience upgrade issues to the latest publications Windows 10 if access to HTTP Internet for LOCAL SYSTEM accounts is blocked using one firewall.


  1. After installing KB4580386, the START MENU stopped working, neither with the Windows button nor with the mouse. So I had to uninstall it to restore the START MENU!
    Now that I have paused Windows updates, can I stop reinstalling them from Windows Update?


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