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Home security Two out of five employees are not sure what ...

Two out of five employees are not sure what phishing is

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a significant challenge for businesses around the world, as their dispersed workforce does not seem to care much about safety - a large proportion of workers do not even know what phishing is.

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly changed the way people work and accelerated the already growing trend of distance working. This has also created new security challenges for IT departments, as employees use their own personal devices to access corporate data and services.

The "Everywhere Enterprise" - in which employees, IT infrastructure and customers are everywhere - has led employees not to prioritize safety.


The security platform Mobile Mountain examined the impact that the lockdown had on employees' work habits. He conducted a survey of 1.200 workers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the France, The Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, The Australia and New Zealand.

His lockdown COVID-19 may have marked the end of office work as we know it businesses turn to the new way of working.

The study found that more than four in five (82%) of global participants agree that they never want to return to the office in full. Jobs. This is despite the fact that one in three (30%) employees claim that isolation from their group was the biggest obstacle in productivity during the lockdown.

The current distributed remote work environment has also created a new landscape of threats, with hacker increasingly targeting mobile devices with phishing attacks.

These attacks range from basic to advanced and are likely to succeed, with many employees not knowing how to recognize and avoid an attack. phishing (phishing). More than two in five (43%) employees are not even sure what a phishing attack is.

Two in three (66%) agree that employers They have the right solutions and technologies to enable them to work from home and 72% of employees agree that their mobile device was important in ensuring their productivity during the lockdown.

Every company must implement a strategy for mobile devices that prioritize the user experience and allow employees to maintain maximum productivity on any device, anywhere, without compromising their staff privacy.

Mobile devices now play a more critical role in productivity than ever before, hence the security of mobile devices, applications and users should be a top priority for everyone CIO.

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