HomesecurityThe big "Twitter hack" was the result of employee fraud

The big "Twitter hack" was the result of employee fraud

His biggest hack Twitter which has become known to date, was what happened last July and resulted in many accounts of celebrities, among them the Elon Musk, Joe Biden but also companies like Apple, to be violated.


Twitter staff working from home were connected to network of the company using a VPN, which allowed secure access to work systems for people working outside the office.

The hackers but they managed to obtain the phone numbers of the Twitter staff and pretended to be from the company's IT department, telling them to enter the VPN connection on a fake page. So they got access to the real VPN site, through which they finally got into the Twitter network.

The Criminals They then posted details of 130 Bitcoin accounts, including verified profiles, which have millions of followers.

The tweets offered to send $ 2.000 for every $ 1.000 sent to an anonymous Bitcoin address. Security experts were immediately alarmed by the serious potential of such an intrusion to create geopolitical disasters through misinformation.

The most likely scenario is that the hack it was possible because the employees worked from home and it was easier to be fooled by the scammers.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey said a small number of employees fell victim to an e-fishing attack, which resulted in the infamous invasion.

Ο Jake Moore, a specialist in the field of security in cyberspace told ESET that distance work has increased risk for companies.

"The dangers for safety in cyberspace increased dramatically when the workforce shifted to remote work. Malicious agents are more likely to adapt to new situations while looking for new ones vulnerabilities to be exploited, "he said.

The hackers had already studied key tasks of the employees in order to more convincingly pretend to be the IT department of Twitter.

This is part of the social engineering process. THE NYDFS decided to investigate the breach due to the involvement of famous accounts used to promote fraud, as the organization is responsible for regulating encryption companies.

In addition to the potential damage to the reputation caused by the invasion, those involved managed to raise more than $ 118.000 worth of bitcoin and revealed a vulnerability in the huge social media platform that plays a role in communications and news. The hack method also reveals vulnerabilities that exist in the current trend of working at home related to the pandemic.


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