HomesecurityRansomware attack "cost" $ 300.000 in Mississippi schools!

Ransomware attack "cost" $ 300.000 in Mississippi schools!

A Mississippi school district voted to pay $ 300.000 to recover archives encrypted during ransomware attack. A federal investigation was launched after the threat of unauthorized access in its IT system Yazoo County School District. Inspector Dr. Ken Barron stated in his news WLBT that the school district found out it was ransomware attacked on October 12th. However, Barron did not say how the attackers gained access to the system or what kind of information was compromised as a result of the security incident.

Ransomware attack "cost" $ 300.000 in a Mississippi school district!

In addition, the inspector stressed that individuals will be notified of the incident if required by law. He also said he had been asked not to divulge further details about the ransomware attack, as this could jeopardize the federal law enforcement investigation.

Following the ransomware attack, the school district shut down systems and hired a cybersecurity company to help it recover data encrypted by cybercriminals behind the ransomware attack. Classes in the school district continue as smoothly as possible, under the existing restrictions of COVID-19:. The district council voted to pay a company $ 300.000 to recover the data encrypted by malware.

Ransomware attack "cost" $ 300.000 in a Mississippi school district!

Barron said in a statement issued by the school district the following: "Last week, the Yazoo County School District discovered a security incident that affected some devices on our network. We disabled them systems our IT in order to investigate and deal with the incident. National cybersecurity companies have pledged to help. We also mentioned the incident in federal law enforcement. With great care, we develop advanced tools cybersecurity throughout our environment to ensure that devices can be used smoothly and allow us to resume normal IT operations as soon as possible. We are also taking steps to unlock the encrypted files. "

Barron also clarified that staff salaries, fire alarms and school burglary systems were not affected by the ransomware attack.

Lincoln County Schools, another Mississippi school district, also came under ransomware attack in November 2019.

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