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Windows 10: Microsoft has released a new task manager for gamers

If your PC games are slow or slow, you can free up resources in Windows 10 using the new XBOX Game Bar task manager.

Earlier this month, Xbox Insiders began testing a new "Resources" feature on the XBOX Game Bar that you can access as an overlay on games by pressing the Win + G key combination.

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This week, Microsoft launched the XBOX Game Bar version 5.420.9252.0 to all users of Windows 10 through the Microsoft Store.

Once installed, the Game Bar will display a "What's New - October" message explaining how to use the new "Resources" task manager widget.

“The new Resources widget helps you identify and manage which applications use system resources such as CPU, But by the full GPU acceleration tech, RAM and Disk. At a glance or looking for them details, make sure you make the most of it system "without leaving the game," Microsoft said in a statement issue for the Xbox Gamebar 5.420.9252.0.

When you click the resources button, a task manager will open listing all the current ones applications and the processes running on background.

This task manager will display CPU usage, GPU, Ram and DISK used by each process mentioned.

If a process consumes too many resources and affects the performance of your game, you can click X next to a process to end it.

The new Resources widget is a great tool for players, as they can modify the performance during the game.

Microsoft released it gradually, so it may take a few more days before it is released to everyone.

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