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Ransomware: Your business will never be the same again after an attack

A ransomware attack can harm an organization in many ways - from stopping it from being fully operational for weeks to damaging its reputation. But a ransomware attack also has human costs, affecting the trust of security teams and possibly for a long time after the initial attack.

A new research paper from the security company Sophos says that the extent of this trust is so important that the culture in them Companies she will never be the same again. This may not come as a surprise to you, as there are many chances organization to be hit again because the Criminals will recognize it as a company that could be an easy target.

Springfield School District-ransomware Attack-Massachusetts

According to the survey, too many employees security into a organizations Those affected by a ransomware attack feel that their body is "significantly behind" when faced with a cyber attack, compared to those in organizations that have not been attacked by a ransomware.

This lack of trust extends to business leadership, where the management of a company affected by ransomware realizes that the company is significantly behind compared to others. Companies who have not encountered such a thing.

More than a third of ransomware victims said hiring and retaining specialized security professionals in the field of information technology was their biggest challenge.

Also, a ransomware attack seems to have an impact on the retraining of employees and employees, with the results of the survey suggesting that organizations victims of ransomware attacks are more likely to implement "man-made" threat hunting in networks their.

The idea is that it would be easier to detect unusual activity which could be the trademark of an incoming cyber attack, if controlled by humans.

This could prove important for organizations that have fallen victim to ransomware attacks that could also be more vulnerable to add-ons. threats in cyberspace after an incident.

The report suggests that nearly one-third of ransomware-affected organizations have five or more third-party vendors connected directly to their network. Third-party suppliers have become an important point input for attackers at cyberspace.

However, despite the number of organizations that have fallen victim to cyber attacks, the report concludes that it is "encouraging" how information security teams are evolving, especially when it comes to responding to ever-evolving threats.


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