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Google "kills" Hangouts and pushes users to Chat

Google has announced plans to move Google Hangouts users to Google Chat next year. It also offers Chat as a free service.

The new Chat messaging app will also be available in Gmail as a standalone app. Google says it will have Hangouts features such as instant and group messaging, as well as the ability to send inbound, faster searches, emoji and suggested answers.


In the first half of 2021, Google will start migrating all users from Hangouts to Chat and will automatically transfer what was in Hangouts - chats, contacts and saved history.

He did not explain how he would make the transition for users of the free version of Hangouts, but said he would provide more specific guidance on the steps to follow. users at the beginning of the procedure transition.

Google argues that the benefit of using Chat is that it is easier to communicate with others about “goals and the like. interests, to share and collaborate on archives and share jobs to keep them all on the same page ”.

The future of Hangouts has been uncertain for some time. Google told The Verge that the transition from free Hangouts to free chat will be gradual and that there will be a time when both will coexist. Once all free users have moved to Chat, Chat will be considered to have replaced Hangouts.

Google has released an update on the relocation of Workspace customers from Hangouts to Chat, which refers to the end of 2021 as the timeline for the termination of Hangouts, at least for customers of Workspace, but possibly also for free Hangouts users.

At some point after the 2nd quarter of 2021, all Workspace customers will be transferred to the "Chat Preferred" setting, unless administrators decide to opt out of this change. However, the transition to Chat Preferred will be imposed on Workspace customers at the end of 2021 with no exception managers.

Google promises Workspace customers that they will provide at least four weeks notice to the Google Workspace Updates blog before the start of each phase.

He also states that at the end of 2021 “all the other classic Hangouts customers will be transferred to Chat and we will completely replace the classic Hangouts with Chat.

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