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How to change your Google Maps navigation icon

Google Maps has some weird little features that can personalize your experience if you know where to find them. For example, you can change the navigation icon in a car, SUV or truck. See below exactly how you can do the change process.

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The default Google Maps navigation icon is the familiar triangle with an inverted base that you see on many navigation systems. This icon really comes from the game of Asteroids. You can change this icon to better suit your mode of transport and to suit you better.

First, open the Google Maps application in iPhone, iPad the device Android and then select a location to navigate. Click "Directions".

Then select the "Start" button to start the detailed navigation.

Now, just tap the icon that represents your location in map.

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You will now see some vehicle icons to choose from, as well as the traditional triangle. Select one of the icons to continue.

This is! You will now see the vehicle in the position of the triangle icon during your navigation.

Source of information: howtogeek.com


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