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Ubisoft - Crytek: Ransomware attack on top gaming companies!

A ransomware gang which is known as "Egregor" has leaked data who claims to have stolen from the interior networks two of the leading gaming companies - Ubisoft and Crytek. The data, which is said to have been stolen by the two companies, was published on Tuesday in an underground web portal managed by the ransomware gang. However, it remains unknown at this time how Egregor stole the data.

Ransomware gangs often break into companies, steal their data, encrypt archives and then ask their victims ransom to decrypt locked data.

Ransomware attack

In many cases, ransomware gangs are detected and expelled from networks during the data removal process and the files are never encrypted. However, companies continue to blackmail, demanding money from victims so that sensitive and confidential data is not leaked. In addition, when negotiations stop, ransomware gangs usually post some of the stolen data on data leak sites on the Internet.

On Tuesday, some data related to both Ubisoft and Crytek leaked to the portal managed by Egregor, while hackers of the gang threaten to leak more data in the coming days.

As for Ubisoft, Egregor members leaked files to show that they owned source code one of the toys Watch Dogs the company's. On its online portal, the gang reported that it had in its hands the source code for the game Watch Dogs: Legion, which will be released later this month. However, it was impossible to verify that these files came from the new game and not from an existing version.

Ubisoft - Crytek: Ransomware attack on top gaming companies

Security investigators have tried to contact and alert Ubisoft to the fact that many of its employees are targeting Phishing attacks. The hackers also leaked 20 MB of files from Ubisoft and 300 MB from Crytek.

Crytek files include documents that appear to have been stolen from the company's game development department. These documents contained resources and information about the game development process such as Arena of Fate and Warface, as well as the old Gface social gaming network.

Ubisoft - Crytek: Ransomware attack on top gaming companies

So far, neither Ubisoft nor Crytek have commented on the security incident. In addition, no one reported major security incidents for weeks, nor unusual and prolonged breaks, suggesting that the Egregor invasion probably did not affect the system. in cloud and gaming, but just office and work networks, where most ransomware incidents usually cause damage.

Ubisoft - Crytek gaming companies

Egregor provided more details about the two incidents on ZDNet. In particular, the hackers claimed that they violated the Ubisoft network, but only stole data and did not encrypt any of the company's files. On Crytek, on the other hand, it was complete encryption. Neither of the two companies has negotiated a ransom.

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