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How to sort multiple columns in Google Sheets

When analyzing complex datasets in Google Sheets, you can take advantage of the built-in sorting feature to organize your data. You can sort by individual columns or, for more complex data, you can sort by multiple columns.

To do this, you need to open the spreadsheet of Google Sheets and select the data set you want to sort. You can do this manually by selecting the cells using your mouse or by selecting one of the cells in your data set and pressing Ctrl + A.

Once your data is selected, click Data> Sort Range from the Google Sheets menu.

In the "Sort Range" box, you can choose how you want to sort your data.

You can select the column for classification against, as well as whether it will be sorted in ascending or descending order. Click on "Data Has Header Row" to select columns from the "header cell".

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By default, Google Sheets will only offer one column for sorting. To add multiple columns to the sorting options, select the "Add Another Sort Column" button.

When you sort in multiple columns in Google Sheets, the sorting will be done from top to bottom. For example, a spreadsheet example has product sales data with product names, sales dates, and prices.

If you want to sort this data by name and then by the amount sold, you would first want to select the product name column in column A (named “Product”) and secondly the amount sold in column C (with name “Price”).

You can sort it in ascending order, starting with product names near the beginning of the alphabet at the top and then sorting prices by the smallest amount. Select “AZ” to sort this way or “ZA” to sort in descending order.

You can also combine and match these choices. For this example, you can sort product names in ascending order and sales amounts in descending order.

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Once the sorting options are set, select the "Sort" button to sort your data. The data on your spreadsheet will be rearranged according to the rules set out in the "Sort Range" options box.

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You can undo any of these items by running another item in your dataset by pressing the "Undo" button on the menu bar or by pressing Ctrl + Z on your keyboard.


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