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Hackers gain access to US electoral systems

Hackers have infiltrated the government networks of USA. and have access to electoral systems, according to a report by the FBI and the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Bureau (CISA).

In some cases, there has been unauthorized access to electoral support systems, CISA added.

The agency, which is part of the Ministry of Homeland Security, explained that there was no evidence so far that the integrity of the election data had been compromised and that "it does not appear that these targets are being chosen because of their proximity to the election."

The CISA said that the data of the electoral system could be endangered, noting that "there are steps that can be taken by election officials, their supporters and staff information technology to assist in the defense against this malicious activity in cyberspace».

Hackers gained access through a combination of vulnerabilities - what CISA calls a "vulnerability chain". It is a commonly used tactic that targets federal, state, local, tribal and territorial networks, critical infrastructure, and constituencies.

Hackers targeted a vulnerability of a virtual private network (VPN) and a defect in Netlogon, a protocol Windows for user authentication.

"Patch updates are available for all vulnerabilities related to CISA and CISA FBISaid Tenable, a cyber security company. "Most of the vulnerabilities had updates available code after their revelation. ”

The services report did not indicate who the malicious agents were, citing them only as "advanced prolonged threats (APT)". However, this is a term often used for financially motivated groups, according to experts.


In October, its information security team Microsoft products reported a campaign exploiting one of the bugs of a malicious agent known as CHIMBORAZO, also known as TA505, according to Tenable's analysis.

In September, Microsoft said it had spotted Russian, Chinese and Iranian hackers targeting US elections. in 2020.

"The report we present to you today makes it clear that the malicious groups have intensified their efforts by targeting the elections of 2020 as expected. "The information we have is in line with what the US government has said," Microsoft said.