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Home security Hacking team violated over 50.000 home security cameras!

Hacking team violated over 50.000 home security cameras!

A hacking group, whose identity remains unknown so far, is selling access in over 50.000 breached home security cameras, in which there are recorded video with children who are often presented naked or in other vulnerable and controversial moments.

According to a AsiaOne report, the hacking team, which has more than 1.000 members worldwide, uses platform exchange of messages Discord to advertise its products.

Hacking team violated over 50.000 home security cameras!

Sources say the group is offering access to one-off shots taken by compromised security cameras. assistance $ 150, while claiming to have already shared more than 3 TB clips with many members. A 700MB sample that includes approximately 4.000 videos and photos is available for free. This may be due to the fact that some of the clips - which can last from a few seconds to more than 20 minutes - ended up on porn sites, according to the report.

In addition to the existing clips, the hacking team claims to have a list of over 50.000 security cameras in archives which VIP members can explore, watch live and even record.

Hacking team violated over 50.000 home security cameras!

The videos accessed by hackers Violating home security cameras is said to show unsuspecting victims at sensitive and controversial times such as breastfeeding mothers and school-age children. It is very likely that these videos were taken by IP security cameras that are now installed in many "smart" homes.

According to Infosecurity, victims of this malicious activity carried out by this hacking group come from all over the world, including Canada, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore.

Hacking team violated over 50.000 home security cameras!

Jake Moore, subject matter expert cyber security at ESET, argued that poor access controls were more likely to be responsible for breached cameras. Moore added that this is a clear reminder that when cameras are installed in Internet, must be properly installed by users, with all necessary security measures. With the increasing technology, various "smart" devices are created, which are placed in homes without taking into account issues. confidentiality.

Finally, Moore stressed that this illegal activity revealed by the hacking team, as well as other malicious activities, can prove extremely destructive, especially if videos with unsuspecting victims fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, Moore estimates that this incident will prevent users from installing "smart" cameras in their homes and will push them to implement security measures, such as replacing default passwords and adding multi-factor authentication (MFA). ).



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