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GitHub: The mobile update makes it easy to write code from the phone

GitHub updates its mobile features so developers can write more code from their phone.

The latest version of GitHub for mobile adds many tools for code enhancement, control, and merging. GitHub for mobile is available at Google Play and in the Apple App Store for individuals users, Team and Enterprise Cloud. GitHub Enterprise Server will receive support for mobile later this year.


In short, GitHub for mobile is trying to make coding easier on the go. From circulation of GitHub for mobile, the company has seen almost 700.000 reviews and 350.000 merges, although the coding in a smartphone it is really very difficult.

New features include the following:

  • A review of his experience code review, including the possibility turn off line folding.
  • The ability to change it e-mail related to merge and edit the description of commit.
  • Support for comments on multiple lines of code.
  • The possibility switching between multiple files in larger code revisions.


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