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NASA's rover could land on Mars craters

NASA's "Mars rovers" are amazing, flexible machines capable of traversing even the toughest terrain. But they are not made to go down to the sides of the craters. For that, NASA would need something like the DuAxel rover, an idea that is two rovers in one.

The DuAxel is a four-wheeled rover. The rear can be anchored to the ground while the front is free on two wheels. A lanyard holds them Pieces together while the front part turns down a steep slope. This could work well for exploring current Mars craters that we do not have access.


NASA has installed a "DuAxel prototype" in the Mojave Desert in California. "DuAxel was very good performance in the field, proving me success the ability "It will approach the rough terrain, anchor and then disengage the tethered Axel rover," said robot technologist Issa Nesnas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Tuesday.

The video below shows the smart rover in action and how he can use his onboard instruments to cast a careful ματιά in what lies beneath them wheels of.

One of the motivations for development of DuAxel is a day to explore more carefully the enigmatic dark streaks called repetitive sloping lines that appear alongside some of Mars' craters. The scientists trying to figure out if they have an aquatic origin.

Craters are very steep for a rover like Curiosity or Perseverance, but a system like DuAxel could meet the challenge.

It is not just Mars that could benefit from it design of the small rover. "DuAxel opens access to more inaccessible soils "On planets like the Moon, Mars, Mercury and possibly some 'icy worlds' like Europa," Nesnas said.


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