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Home security Windows 10 warns of programs that start automatically

Windows 10 warns of programs that start automatically

Microsoft recently added a new automated notification to the latest versions of Windows 10 to let users know when an application is registering to start automatically after the system starts.

This new feature of Windows 10 is especially useful for applications that will run minimized without the user interface appearing on the screen or for those that "start" only a "background task".

For now, the alert only warns of apps that are set to run at startup and are listed on Settings> Apps> Startup apps, as explained by Jen Gentleman, Senior Community Manager at Microsoft.

Windows 10

Available for Windows Insiders

When it clicks on the alert, the user will go to the “Startup Apps” page in Windows 10 Settings to change the startup settings using the toggle next to the application name.

Windows 10 applications configured to start automatically when connecting via RunOnce, Service or SchedchedTask will still avoid being called through the new startup app notifications.

Its new automatic start warning system application is already available in Windows 10 Build 20231 which is available in Dev Channel, which can be installed by participating in Windows 10 Insider.

It is based on the ability to block PUP

By adding this new feature to Windows 10, Microsoft makes it easier to detect potentially malicious applications (PUAs) - also known as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) - that want to start unattended for various purposes, affecting its performance. systemic without the user knowing.

Microsoft Improves Potentially Unwanted Application Protection in Windows 10 Version 2004 by Adding a Potentially Unwanted application which excludes regulation security Windows that allows you to enable PUA and PUP protection.

The "Block apps" setting activates Microsoft Defender "PUAProtection" which automatically detects PUA / PUP after λήψη while adjusting Block downloads will check if the setting Block potentially unwanted apps is enabled in Browser Microsoft Edge.



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