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Home security Hackney Council, London: Victim of cyber attack

Hackney Council, London: Victim of cyber attack

The Hackney Council in north london reported falling victim of a serious attack in cyberspace, resulting in many being affected services and IT systems.

Hackney Council

The Hackney Council said it was working closely with National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC)with external experts as well as with Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to investigate the incident and understand its impact. At the moment, no details have been released about the type of cyber attack and the time it took place.

"This research is at an early stage and currently The information that exist, are limited. We will continue to provide updates on the incident as our investigation progressesSaid Philip Glanville, mayor of Hackney.

Glanville said that for now, all efforts are focused on providing basic first-line services, especially to the most vulnerable residents. In addition, the goal is “the protection of data and the speedy recovery of services affected by cyber attack"

However, he said that until all the necessary work is done, some services Hackney Council may not be available or may be slower than normal. Problems can also be found in the council call center as, due to this situation, he is extremely busy.

"We ask residents and businesses to contact us only if absolutely necessary and to be patient, as we are, as we try to resolve these issues"

A statement on the Hackney Council website said: "Due to technical issues, you may have difficulty accessing online services. We try to fix it as soon as possible"

A NCSC representative he said: "We know of a cyber attack on the Hackney Borough Council. The NCSC works with cyber experts to understand the impact of this incident"


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