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Space: Russia calls for more cooperation from US

The head of Russia's space program said today that its plans NASA to send people back to the Moon is "very focused on US beliefs. for space "to participate the Russia. He has criticized the program in the past and now says Russia is open to participation only if plans for the Moon focus more on international co-operation.

"The point here is to base this program on the principles of international cooperation for the time we have all used," said Dmitry Rogozin, CEO of ISS. Roscosmos"If we could go back to making these principles the foundation of the program, then the Russian space agency could reconsider its involvement."

Rogozin has made it clear that he is not a fan of NASA's lunar program, an initiative called Artemis designed to send the first woman to the lunar surface. Part of the project design mentions the construction of a space station around Moon, known as the Lunar Gateway, which will serve as an outpost on orbit for astronauts to visit before landing on the Moon.

NASA has already worked with a number of international organizations on the Artemis project - mainly Canada and Europe - but the US space agency leads almost all the key actions of the program, including missile, the capsules, unloaders and units required for the space station.

"For the United States, this is a political plan," Rogozin told a Russian tabloid in July. "With the lunar program, we observe the departure of our American partners from the principles of cooperation and mutual support developed during the cooperation for the ISS. They see their program not as international, but similar to that of ΝΑΤΟ. In America plans, everyone else has to help and pay for them. To be honest, we are not interested in participating in such a project. "

Rogozin also expressed contempt for NASA's Artemis Accords, a set of guidelines developed by the US space agency and the State Department. to be observed by countries when exploring the Moon. These lines are a typical set of rules about how to mine on the Moon and places that need to be protected on the lunar surface, such as the landing areas of Apollo. Rogozin likened these guidelines to an "invasion" of one tweet which has now been deleted.

Today, Rogozin made further comments on the Artemis project. "In our view, the Lunar Gateway in its current form is very focused on the United States," he told a news conference, noting that Russia "is likely to be largely absent." However, Rogozin said he hoped the portal would have some space provided for future Russian spaceships get to the station if necessary. "If Russia builds its own space transport system, we should have the opportunity to visit the Lunar Gateway," Rogozin said.


Following this speech, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated that Artemis would use the same legal framework developed for the International Space Station to operate the Portal. "The ISS is not just advanced technology"But it has helped us learn how to work effectively with a variety of cultures and countries in space," said Bridenstine. "That's why we use the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) which is the same legal framework of the ISS for the Portal."

As for Rogozin's comments, Bridenstine said he agreed with the establishment of common standards. "Through existing agreements, the United States Actively urge all partner nations participating in Artemis' journey to focus on common standards that will include not only the availability of the station in other countries, but the formatting and transfer of data, communications, navigation, environmental control and life support in space. , and many other important systems and functions, "said Bridenstine.

Bridenstine told Reuters in July he believes NASA and Roscosmos will continue to work together. "I have a good relationship with Dmitry Rogozin, so I hope there are opportunities for us to continue working together."