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EY has won three awards at the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Awards 2020

Press Release: EY Wins Three Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Awards 2020

EV was named by Microsoft as the Global Partner of the Year 2020 for Consulting, Energy and Financial Services

Energy Consulting Services EY Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Awards 2020

Microsoft has recognized EY as one of the world's leading partners, awarding her three Global Partner of the Year 2020 awards for her excellence in innovation and customer support through the implementation of Microsoft technology-based solutions. More specifically, EY was distinguished as Global Partner of the Year 2020 for Consulting Services, The Ενέργεια And the Financial services, at the Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Awards 2020 awards.

The Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Awards recognizes and rewards organizations that have developed and provided outstanding solutions based on Microsoft technology. The awards cover a wide range of categories, while the companies that stand out are selected from a total of more than 3.300 nominations, from more than 100 countries worldwide.

His award Global Partner of the Year for Consulting Services (Global Advisory Services Partner of the Year Award), recognizes the global potential of EY teams, which provide valuable consulting services and solutions, using Microsoft technologies, innovation and strong skills to assist clients in implementation of their digital transformation.

His award Global Partner of the Year in Energy (Global Energy Partner of the Year Award), recognizes EV's extensive knowledge of the energy industry, which, in combination with Microsoft cloud technologies, has led to the development of two innovative digital solutions: the EY Digital Energy Enablement Platform (EY DEEP) and EY UtilityWave. Both are designed to help energy companies optimize their operations, achieve new levels of efficiency, and make better decisions based on reliable data and information.

Finally, the prize Global Partner of the Year for Financial Services (Global Financial Services Partner of the Year Award), rewards EY for the Global Financial Crime platform, an scalable and secure solution developed in partnership with Microsoft to help modernize banks' operations to tackle financial crime. The platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure, helps banking institutions of all sizes comply with increased financial industry regulations and security requirements, while helping to improve risk management efficiency, increase process automation and reducing customers' onboarding time.

Commenting on the three global distinctions of EV by Microsoft, the Mr. George Apostolakis, Partner in the Consulting Services Division of EY Greece and responsible for EY's relationship with Microsoft for the Central, Eastern, Southeastern Europe and Central Asia (CESA) region, stated: “The recognition of EV by Microsoft, as Global Partner of the Year in three sub-categories, is a special honor for our organization. "We are proud of our global partnership with Microsoft, which is changing the data for our customers in a number of critical business areas."

Moreover, the Mr. Panagiotis Papagiannakopoulos, Partner in the Consulting Services Department of EV Greece and responsible for the relationship of EY with Microsoft Greece, stated: "EY's triple distinction at the Microsoft World Awards honors us and seals a long and successful partnership. Globally, as well as in Greece, in particular, our teams work closely with Microsoft, developing innovative and holistic solutions. "They enable us to help businesses increase their profitability, reduce their risk exposure and implement the digital transformation of their operations."


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