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Home security United Kingdom: Advertising promoting a career in cybersecurity has been removed

United Kingdom: Advertising promoting a career in cybersecurity has been removed

A campaign which aims to motivate people through advertising to pursue a career in cybersecurity, received strong criticism and was abolished only a few hours after circulation in the United Kingdom.

Specifically, a poster showing a woman by name "Fatima" dressed ballerina with the slogan "Fatima's next job could be in cybersecurity - she just doesn't know it yet" received criticism after the announcement that his government United Kingdom encouraged those involved in the performing arts to pursue careers in other fields.

United Kingdom: Advertising promoting a career in cybersecurity has been removed

Initially, this ad appeared as his work DCMS and Cyber ​​First of the NCSC in the United Kingdom. DCMS Undersecretary of State Oliver Dowden has denied any involvement in the campaign, saying it was not the work of the ministry. digital governance, culture, media and sport, while calling it "bad".

In addition, Dowden explained that the ad came from a "Partner campaign that encourages people from all walks of life to consider a career in cybersecurity". However, the idea of ​​the campaign was attributed to company QA representative, while an NCSC representative confirmed that the campaign was created by DCMS using the hardware courses NCSC's Cyber ​​First, which targets children and students, but would now target adults through this campaign.

United Kingdom: Advertising promoting a career in cybersecurity has been removed

It was also revealed that the photo of "Fatima" was taken by an American photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. This was obviously part of a series of articles about to be released. However, a representative of his prime minister United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, stated that this particular content was inappropriate and has already been removed from the campaign.

In a e-mail in Infosecurity, Javvad Malik, Advocate for Awareness in safety to KnowBe4, stated the following: "In any career and you want to guide people by motivating them to want to choose it, only when people enjoy, are interested or have a passion for a job, they really feel the feeling of achievement and satisfaction".


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